The Nikon Z8 is on track for an imminent launch – here are 5 things we want to see

Nikon’s next mirrorless camera has been a long time coming. Rumors have swirled about the Z8 – poised to be one of the year’s most exciting cameras – for more than two years. But if you’re eagerly awaiting its arrival, the latest rumors look like good news: according to Nikon Rumors (opens in new tab), the Nikon Z8 could be “coming in early May”.

If that’s true, the latest addition to Nikon’s Z series could break cover in less than a month. While this is an exciting development for fans of Nikon’s Z mount cameras, it’s worth noting that Nikon Rumors has also qualified the statement with some uncertainty. Rumors are doubtful by definition, and the meaning of “coming in early May” can be interpreted in a few ways.

Product shot of the Nikon Z9 camera straight on from the front with full-frame sensor exposed

The Nikon Z9 (above) gives us a glimpse of the kind of power that could filter down to the Nikon Z8. (Image credit: Nikon)

It could be that Nikon’s gearing up to fully launch the Z8 next month, or at the very least make an official announcement about its existence – something we haven’t yet seen. Equally, it might mean that Nikon is only planning to start the Z8’s marketing campaign in May. Or that next month is when Nikon will begin presenting the camera internally and to dealers.