Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 leak suggests foldables may become more useful

A new leak for Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 is making the rounds revealing some detailed specs for the external screen alongside images of the display in action.

This information comes from notable industry insider Ice Universe on Twitter, who claims the outer display will measure 3.4 inches diagonally and sport a resolution of 720p (720×748 pixels) and 305 ppi (pixels per inch). So, you’re looking at a pretty decent screen although it isn’t anything mind-blowing. It is, at the very least, better than the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s tiny 1.9-inch cover display. What’s more, Samsung may be preparing to take advantage of all that free real estate with a new series of widgets.

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Galaxy Z Flip5 on the right next to Flip4 phone

(Image credit: Ice Universe/Twitter)

Looking at the image Ice Universe provided, the Z Flip 5’s external screen may be outfitted with a calendar widget complete with a clock and another one for the weather forecast. The battery indicator is pretty interesting because the leak shows the battery status of four devices connected devices. You have one for the Flip 5 itself plus a battery gauge for what appears to be a smartwatch judging by the icon. As for the other indicators, it’s difficult to make out what they are. One could be for a smart speaker, but the rest of the icons are pretty vague.