Premiere Pro’s new AI-powered tools aim to make video editing a lot easier

Ask any video editor and they will tell you post-production can take forever to finish. In an effort to ease up the workload, Adobe is currently working on a number of new editing features for its Premiere Pro and After Effects software.

Between the two, Premiere Pro is taking the lion’s share of the upgrade sporting some AI-powered tools in its package (opens in new tab). Text-Based Editing, in particular, utilizes the company’s Sensei AI framework to “automatically [analyze] and [transcribe] clips” into text. That way, another editor or producer can grab said text as it appears and then paste it into a video’s timeline in any order. To further help with consistency, Adobe is introducing “Automatic Tone Mapping and Log Color Detection” allowing users to combine “HDR (High Dynamic Range) footage from different sources” into one project. This could eliminate the need to manually tweak footage just to have a uniform look.