HealthGPT hints at a future of fitness apps with personalized assistants

Besides writing cover letters, the future of ChatGPT may be in the health sector. Researchers from Stanford University took the generative AI and successfully linked it to an iPhone’s Apple Health app to create HealthGPT.

The large language model (LLM) will answer any question you have regarding your own personal well-being via a “chat-style interface” as it grabs information from Apple Health. For example, you can ask HealthGPT (opens in new tab) how much you’ve been sleeping in the past week if you’re feeling particularly tired. The app will respond by giving you a detailed description of your recent sleeping habits. Since it’s a reworked ChatGPT, you can ask follow-up questions, like tips on how to get better sleep. HealthGPT will then provide those tips as it pulls information from the internet.