WhatsApp upcoming feature won’t force you to sacrifice image quality

WhatsApp is currently developing a way for users to send images in their original resolution without impacting quality.

WABetaInfo, which discovered the feature (opens in new tab), reports users will be able to choose photo quality via a new Settings menu located in the app’s drawing tool. The current version of WhatsApp does allow you to choose “Best Quality” prior to sending images to keep the resolution high, but it still compresses files – just to a lesser extent in order to provide a fast data transfer time. But still, having that newfound level of control will be especially helpful in situations where the quality of a photo is important, as WABetaInfo points out. Not much else is known about the feature, but it’s probably safe to say sending images in their original resolution will most likely increase data transfer time, download time, and the amount of space needed on a device to store said files.

Source: www.techradar.com