The best projectors of CES 2023

I travelled to CES 2023 mostly to check out new TVs, but as I roamed the vast, crowded halls, I kept bumping up against a related product category: projectors.

The best 4K projectors now come in a range of flavors, including long throw, ultra short throw, and portable versions, and all of these were represented at CES. To be honest, I was surprised by the number of brands with projectors on display at the show. We clearly are living in an era of big-screen TV, with no shortage of options for getting cinema-size images at home.

While I didn’t see all of the projectors at CES, I did have a chance to spend quality time with most of the ones listed below. The range is weighted equally between DLP-based ultra short throw and portable models, with JVC’s long throw DLP projector thrown in for good measure due to its gaming capabilities – and affordable price.

AWOL LTV-2500 projector screen against gray wall

(Image credit: Future)

1. AWOL Vision LTV-2500+