Sony invites you to hook up a mic and sing with its big new Bluetooth speaker

When it comes to portable, durable, party-ready speakers, very few models boast the extra whistles, bells, inputs and features of a Sony option – not even the best Bluetooth speakers. And the brand new SRS XB800 is no exception. 

What is it? A big speaker with Bluetooth 5.3 (but no LDAC), five tweeters and Sony’s dual not-round-not-square, more curved rectangle X-Balanced speaker units. Two of those tweeters sit on the top, near the touch-control panel, one at the base, and two at the rear of the speaker. You also get an ambient light show, a sensor to detect its orientation and thus better tailor the omnidirectional sound, a karaoke input (read: microphone) and another one you might use for a guitar, an optical-in for Sony’s unique TV Sound Booster mode and a USB port to read files locally.