Newegg’s AI bot tried to help me build a PC – and it didn’t go well

Despite all my interest and curiosity, I have never actually built a PC before. There, I said it. I am in fact PC-less. And the reason for that is that I have absolutely no idea where to start. What do I need to build the perfect gaming PC for me, from start to finish, all within my budget? 

Newegg’s new AI search bar, the Newegg Custom PC builder promises a solution to this problem. It’s designed to comb through the site’s inventory and bring up a list of suggested components to make your dream gaming PC. You can put in a phrase like ‘gaming PC under $800’ or ‘graphic design PC’ and the site will generate a list of possible components and the price of the whole PC.

Obviously, as a newbie in the world of PC building, this is could be a handy tool that eliminates all the hassle and endless research I’d have to do beforehand. I can just come up with the general gist of what I want, whack that in and scroll through the three different results from Newegg PC Builder.

Newegg AI powered search bar

(Image credit: Newegg)

You don’t get much information other than the list of suggested components, so as someone who has no real base knowledge of the actual process and requirements it does feel a little vague. I have no idea if I actually need all of those components, what they actually do, and if those are really the best options. Unlike a proper component review where you get a full breakdown of what it does, how it performs, and its pros and cons, the list just compiles stuff and sends you off to the product page to spend your money.