Nanoleaf’s upcoming smart lights could be the shining stars that Matter needs

Nearly three months after a CES 2022 tease, Nanoleaf returns to the Matter standard with a new set of smart lights for its Essentials series. 

The lineup is split between four different bulbs and a light strip (opens in new tab) sharing many of the same features. They can all output over 16 million colors and have “tunable whites” that can be controlled with the official Nanoleaf mobile app via Bluetooth. To get the most out of the lights, you will need a smart home hub compatible with the Matter standard plus a Thread border router to ensure fast connectivity. Devices like the Google Nest Hub Max can do both, so if you have that, you’re good to go. We should also mention the lights won’t work to their fullest extent on Apple Home because its Adaptive Lighting feature doesn’t support the Matter standard as of this writing.