Is Duolingo building a new music-learning app? We interpret the signs

Not one to be restricted to just teaching languages, a recently discovered job posting indicates Duolingo is working on a new music app.

The company is keeping its cards close to its chest at the moment as the description doesn’t say much about what the software is planning. According to the posting, Duolingo is currently looking (opens in new tab) for someone who can teach certain musical concepts and has “substantial experience with music education” for both children and adults. Whoever gets hired will be put in charge of ensuring Duolingo Music (as we’ll refer to it) is based on “learning science” to teach music in a way “that is fun, fast-paced, and emphasizes ‘learning by doing’”. The posting also states the “Learning Scientist” will have to take the lead in creating a curriculum hinting the app is still in the early stages of development.