Google Slides gets a ChatGPT plug-in – and it’s like a cheat mode for presentations

AI chatbots like ChatGPT are fun on their own, but their biggest benefits emerge when you plug them into existing programs – as shown by a promising new Google Slides plug-in.

A new Google Workspace app called MagicSlides (opens in new tab) combines OpenAI’s GPT tech with Google’s presentations app to give us a glimpse of how much easier it’ll soon be to build a deck of slides. To get started you just need one of OpenAI’s API keys, which you can generate in your account by going to ‘View API keys’.

Once installed, the extension adds a sidebar to Google Slides that lets you type in the topic you’re presenting, followed by the total number of slides you’re aiming for. You can also type in extra info that you’d like it to pull in, alongside the overall tone you want (for example, professional or funny).

A screen showing the MagicSlides extension for Google Slides in action

(Image credit: MagicSlides)

Hit generate and the extension will create a pretty decent draft presentation for you to edit and work with. It isn’t perfect – the tool doesn’t yet design the slides for you or pull in any of the many third-party Google Slides themes that are available.