Disney Plus and Hulu are about to remove tons of shows – catch these 4 before they go

Another month, another slate of canceled TV shows being pulled from their streaming platforms. A number of high-profile series will be leaving both Disney Plus and Hulu on May 26, meaning there’s only a few days left to enjoy the condemned programs before they go (thanks to a heads up from Deadline).

There are some surprising choices among the purge, including big-name sequels and adaptations that, if not renewed for more seasons, still seemed notable enough to hang around for a little while longer. But in a streaming landscape where Paramount Plus is in ascendence, and the likes of Netflix and Disney Plus are scrambling to maintain subscriber growth, cancelations seem more cutthroat than ever. We’re seeing countless series and specials sent into oblivion so streamers can cut back on costs.

Source: www.techradar.com