DBMS Overview

Overview of DBMS(Database Management System)
A DB (Database) is a complex software package with computer programs that control the creation, maintenance and use of database.
DB(Database) ==> Organized collection of data for one or more purposes, in Digital format (usually).
The DB collection with DBMS is called Database System.
DB System ==> Data is managed to some level of quality and this in turn often implies the use of general purpose DBMS.
Variety of Database Models ==> Relational/Object Model to convenient describe & support applications.
Facilitates (DDMSR) :
  • ·         Data Access (non-authorized access is not allowed)
  • ·         Data Integrity (Representation of faithfulness of info.)
  • ·         Managing Concurrency Control
  • ·         Security
  • ·         Recovery
DBMS accept request for data from an application program and instructs the OS to transfer the appropriate data.
Database servers are dedicated computer system that holds the actual database & runs only the DBMS & related Software. (Multi Processor Comp., High Memory Configuration, RAID( Redundant Array of independent/inexpensive disk))
DBMS heart of most database applications ( DBMS relay on OS used).