In 21st century we do not need a pen or paper to convey our thoughts to someone who is miles away.The term social networking itself defines association of people but today it largely refers to internet based networking websites .

Social sites now have thrown themselves in the hand of social marketers and advertisers.These sites are advantageous for online shopping websites who show recommendation instead of advertisement.

It is being said compared to TV and radio ads which are blindly targeted to audience,social sites targets focused audience according to their requirement in particular product .

These sites have also created space for gaming,apart from gaming thousands of apps are hosted on the platform which rely on ads for revenue .

In India government too realizing the potential of social sites and have launched many online schemes in order to avoid line-up after every govt offices which in turn succeeded .Social media also being used for maintaining professional connection and LinkedIn is good example many others such,,shine etc connect recruiters and job seekers .

Platform likes Quora, Wikihow,etc acts bridge to users to get directly solutions for their problems whether it’s professional or personal from different masters of their field.

Another form is growing at very fast rate dating and matrimonial sites:Jeevansathi,,Tinder,Happn are good example of such sites.

There is dark side of social sites apart from privacy concern ,these sites are responsible for many crimes like cyber bullying & abuse,identity theft , cyberstalking, internet scams.Children are the most vulnerable to this.

Social Networking is also being held for rise in breakups ,divorce and suicides.
Neverthless it is bringing varied nationalities together but the graph is now tilting towards social interaction.

So its all upon users how they handle social media whether positively encouraging their skills or degrading themselves effecting others.How do you use??