Bing and ChatGPT might be the future of search, even if Google doesn’t believe it

Welcome to the AI wars. Not the kind we imagined where Skynet launched a surprise missile attack on its makers, but one in which companies are all vying to be the dominant source of your artificial intelligence connection. To put this powerful technology at your and everyone else’s fingertips. And at the tip of this spear are, somewhat unexpectedly, Microsoft and Bing.

Here’s the crazy thing, though. I’ve seen and tried Microsoft’s new Bing search engine and its powerful chatbot, which Microsoft unveiled in a Redmond, Washington, event on Tuesday, and I think Microsoft may have just won the first skirmish of this crucial tech dominance battle. This could improbably be Bing’s moment. And by “moment,” I mean when you finally start realizing or caring that Microsoft has had a search engine of its own for well over a decade.