AMD reveals new details of next-gen FSR 3, and it could be game-changing

AMD is working on its next generation of graphics upscaling technology, and if it’s as good as AMD is claiming, it will be fantastic news for gamers.

The new details on the FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) graphics upscaler comes from GDC 2023, where AMD presented game developers gathered there with info on how the new tech was shaping up. According to KitGuru (opens in new tab), AMD’s Stephan Hodes, from Team Red’s Core Technology Group, explained how FSR has evolved from its initial 1.0 version to where it is currently (FSR 2.2), and how FSR 3 improves the tech even further.

A slide from an AMD presentation on FSR 3

(Image credit: AMD/KitGuru)

According to AMD, the number of pixels that FSR 2 comuptes is greater than the number of samples available, but the number of pixels rendered could be increased further still by inserting interpolated frames into the pipeline.