4 of the best AI art generator Apps for iPhone

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere at the moment, and one way AI is changing landscapes and making waves is in the art world, with AI image generators quickly becoming popular tools for producing artwork.

These image generators can conjure up ‘artwork’ from a few sentences describing what you want. They’re trained using huge datasets of existing art – and this is a messy pot to dip in so we won’t go into too much detail there – and use that to come up with images that match your description in a style that fits your needs.

You can use image generators for a lot of reasons. They can help bring your ideas to life or find inspiration. For example, you can make Valentine’s day cards, visualise a character from a tabletop role-play game like D&D or from a novel you may be working on and come up with album art or book covers. The only real limit is your imagination. 

Source: www.techradar.com