Hacking is crime or not?


Is an art of gaining unauthorized access into any system either by hook or by crook!
This is the definition what everyone think. But according to me: Hacking means you are in deep into research and to understand that you have gain access to that system or technology in order to get knowledge or to create something new out of that.

It is our state of mind that you use it for legal purpose or illegal purpose.


Are those who perform hacking for legal purpose i.e country, society, protecting web assets (VAPT, Testing, Cyber Crime etc.)


Are those who perform hacking activity for illegal purpose, name, fame, money etc.

There all activities, performed with wrong intentions and probably against country laws/society.

Black Hat:

Are those who are having very deep and excellent knowledge for hacking but they are not doing any illegal purpose.

They have very well knowledge of cyber laws

E.g. A Chemical Engineer perfectly knows how to make bomb; he knows perfect proportion of which chemical to mix to increase bomb intensity but they are not doing for any illegal instead they are performing for government for legal purpose. Hence, such people are called “Black Hat” into their field. If they will use their knowledge for illegal purpose, then they are termed as bad guys or “Crackers”.

White Hat:

Are those who people does hacking and ethically reporting back to the company admin about that vulnerability. This is the most genuine way to represent yourself and describe your ability/talent.

Grey Hat:

Yes it is the mixture of White and Black Hat 🙂

Neophytes or Script Kiddie and Suicidal Hacker

Neophytes are those who are new to Hacking field and they started performing hacking related activities without shielding themselves (Without Spoofing Identity) and May became as a suicidal hacker as they may lead themselves in cybercrime activity and this can lead them to behind bars or into the hands of crackers.

Script Kiddie are those who read semi tricks of hacking from internet or somewhere or some workshop. Without having proper knowledge of hacking they may lend themselves into cyber-crime hence, they became suicidal hacker and identifies themselves in the category of Crackers E.g. Some guy have breakup. He will search on Google “How to hack Facebook account “. Instead of hacking fb account of his friend; he will himself hacked to the professional crackers and these guys are called suicidal hackers and sometimes may lead to some illegal activity so these suicidal hackers are called Crackers.


If Black Hat/White/Grey Hat guy is hacking for illegal activity then they will also be considered as Suicidal Hacker (Because they know all the consequences after they will be caught for performing this activity) Hence, they are termed as “Crackers”.

Ethical Hacker

Are those Professional who are certified for this type of work. Such professionals are hired by companies, firms etc. in designation of Security. They are certified professional by some standardized bodies. (e.g. C)PTE, OSCP, CISSP etc.)

e.g. A Doctor with MBBS degree will be recognized as compared to the doctor without any degree

Person with BTech. degree will be considered over any other bachelor’s degree.

Ethical hacker does not always mean that he legal. It only defines the person with certification meets all the norms of cyber industry.

Note: Legality defines by activity performed not by your certification or any tag.