DBMS vs FPS ( File Processing System)

  • Flexibility

Because programs and data are independent, programs don’t have to be modified when types of unrelated data are added to or deleted from database or when physical storage changes.
  • Fast Response to Information Requests

Because data are integrated into single database, complex requests can be handled much more rapidly then if the data were located in separate, non-integrated files.( Faster response means better service to user )
Multiple Access
Database software allows data to be accessed in a variety of ways & often, by using several programming languages.
  • Lower User Training Cost

Users often find it easier to learn such systems & training costs may be reduced. Also, the total time taken to process request may be shorter, which would increase productivity.
  • Less Storage

All occurrences of data need to be stored once thereby eliminating the storage of redundant data. System developer & database designers often use data normalization to minimize database data redundancy.
  • Data Integration

File format of file system could cause interface headaches & inefficiencies.
  • Up-to-Date information to all users at same time

  • Reduced application developed time
  • Shared & accessed data easily on easily on any system anywhere