WhatsApp Now Allow You to Edit Sent Messages

Editing messages is one of the key features that WhatsApp has been missing for a while. Ever since the Facebook takeover in 2014, there have been several additional features, including 24-hour status, video status, etc., 

Recent reports stated that the communication platform had released a message editing feature for people who make a mistake while typing and change their minds.

Various communication platforms like Skype, Teams, Slack, and others have previously added this message-editing feature. Adding to them, WhatsApp has also released this feature for users’ convenience.

Like other communication platforms, WhatsApp will display edited messages as “Edited.” This “Edit” option for a message will be available only for 15 minutes before the sent message. It doesn’t show the edit history to the end-users.

WhatsApp has become the largest used communication platform, with more than 2 billion customers worldwide. The platform has many additional features, including end-to-end encryption, payment methods, security codes, video status, picture status, and various other features.

This is the third new feature released this month after Caption Polls, Chat Lock. Earlier this month, Caption Polls was released by WhatsApp, in which users can turn off multiple poll answers for polling from a user. 

Last week, WhatsApp released the Chat Lock feature, which can be used for locking a chat from an inbox that can only be unlocked if the user uses their device to unlock a password or pattern. It also hides the content of the locked chat in notifications.

In addition to this, the message editing feature has been rolled out now and will be available to all users in the coming weeks, as stated by WhatsApp.

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Source: gbhackers.com