Twitter Limits Two-Factor Authentication Using SMS

Twitter has recently made an announcement regarding its two-factor authentication (2FA) service. The company has disclosed that the privilege of using this service will no longer be free.

This means that Twitter users who wish to enable 2FA for added security will now have to pay for the service.

Twitter users have expressed widespread dissatisfaction with the recent decision made by CEO Elon Musk to discontinue the use of text messages as a two-factor authentication (2FA) method for non-Blue users after March 20. 

This move has been met with criticism from a vast majority of users who rely on this method for added security. It remains to be seen whether Twitter will reconsider this decision in response to the negative feedback.

Text or SMS-based 2FA will be disabled on all non-Blue accounts after March 20 if they have it enabled. At present, users of the platform have a choice of three different two-factor authentications (2FA) methods that they can utilize for added security. These methods include:-

  • Receiving a text message
  • Using an authentication app
  • Employing a security key

Utilizing alternative two-factor authentication (2FA) methods that require physical possession of the authentication device is highly recommended to ensure the security of your account. 

These methods provide an additional layer of protection beyond the use of a password, making it much more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access.

Here’s what a well-renowned cybersecurity expert, Travis Allen stated:-

“This is a very dangerous situation, and as a cybersecurity expert, I will be departing from Twitter tonight as a result.”

Here’s what Jerry Avenaim, a celebrity portrait photographer stated:-

“What are the reasons that you continue to offer SMS 2FA as a paid feature when SMS 2FA is so insecure?”

The latest enforcement will likely force people to move toward more secure forms of authentication. This is because SMS has previously been viewed as one of the least secure methods of 2FA.

Twitter’s Data

Twitter’s own data shows that:-

  • The percentage of all active accounts that have enabled at least one form of two-factor authentication is only 2.6%.
  • SMS accounts for 74.4%
  • Authenticator apps 28.9%
  • Security keys 0.5%

The social media giant, Twitter, has recently introduced its monthly subscription service, Twitter Blue, to Indian users. This new offering provides users with a range of premium features, such as the ability to undo tweets, organize bookmarks, and access a dedicated customer support team.

Users who wish to subscribe to Twitter Blue can expect to pay ₹900 per month when using the mobile app, while the website version of the service is priced at ₹650 per month.

Twitter is currently offering an exclusive discount to annual subscribers who choose to utilize the website version of its subscription service, Twitter Blue. These users can take advantage of a reduced annual fee of ₹6,800, down from the standard price of ₹7,800.

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