Record-Breaking DDoS Attack – Over 71 Million RPS

DDos is a malicious attempt to disturb the legitimate packets reaching the network equipment and services.

When the DDoS attack is in place, organizations may experience an outage with one or more services, as the attacker looted their resources with HTTP requests and traffic.

Record-Breaking DDoS Attack

The fourth and final quarter of 2022 insights shows that HTTP DDoS attacks increased by over 79% YoY and primarily targeted Aviation, Aerospace Gaming/Gambling, and Finance industries.

Also, the number of attacks lasting more than three hours increased by 87%, reads the Cloudflare recent report.

Over this weekend, Cloudflare observed and mitigated an HTTP/2-based DDoS attack that exceeded 71 million rps targeting a website protected by Cloudflare.

DDoS Graph @Cloudflare

The attacks originated from over 30,000 IP addresses and their targeted websites are gaming providers, cryptocurrency companies, hosting providers, and cloud computing platforms.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen more attacks originate from cloud computing providers,” reads Cloudflare’s statement.

Cloudflare working with the Cloud providers to crack down on the botnet that launches this record-breaking attack.

Breaking Down Time to Mitigation

Mitigation time is defined as the period from when the first DDoS attack packet hits your system to when your mitigation provider begins scrubbing incoming traffic.

The time taken to execute is Based on the organization size to implement the following mitigation steps.

Detection – The speed with which a mitigation service notices that a DDoS attack is taking place.
Sampling – The time taken to analyze traffic flows and create directives for scrubbing.
Scrubbing – The ongoing process of filtering out malicious traffic, based on patterns identified during the sampling process.

DDoS mitigation is time-sensitive. When organizations are defending their assets from this attack, it’s necessary to discover and remove the threat early. 

As cybersecurity experts know, with every minute that passes amid a DDoS attack, the mitigation gets more difficult and the company has to suffer greater financial damage.