Parts of Twitter’s Source Code Leaked Online On GitHub

Recently, Twitter has acknowledged that some of its confidential source code has been exposed on the popular coding platform GitHub.

To address this issue, Twitter has sent GitHub a copyright infringement notice. The petition demands GitHub identify the individual who leaked the source code and reveal their identity.

Even Twitter also asked GitHub through the petition for the details of any other parties who downloaded it. As for the Twitter code that was leaked, Musk did not make any comments about it.

GitHub Action

After getting the notice from Twitter, GitHub immediately removed the code from its platform. But, there was no indication of how long the leaked source code had been on the web before GitHub removed it.

Musk’s Twitter is facing a number of challenges due to the exposure of its source code.

Technology companies are often reluctant to share such code for fear of giving competitors an unfair advantage or making security vulnerabilities public.

Twitter immediately launched a thorough investigation to determine the source of the breach of its confidential source code after discovering the leak.

Executives leading the inquiry have since speculated that the individual responsible for the incident may have departed from the company’s San Francisco offices last year.

Twitter’s Response

Approximately 7,500 employees of Twitter have been laid off or resigned since Mr. Musk acquired the company in October for $44 billion. In the GitHub project, “FreeSpeechEnthusiast” leaked Twitter’s source code.

Only one contribution listed on the anonymous user’s GitHub profile was made at the beginning of January to the platform.

While apart from this, a simplified approach will be developed to “serve” more “compelling tweets,” Musk said. Aside from the recent leak, Twitter also has structural and financial challenges to contend with due to the leak.

By cutting costs, trying out new features, and welcoming back banned users, Musk has been trying to turn around the social network.

For the company to generate revenue, advertisements are its primary source of income. Despite the site’s popularity, advertisers have hesitated to place ads on it due to its reputation.

In an email to staff, Musk indicated that Twitter is now worth about $20 billion, down more than 50% from the price he paid to acquire the platform.

GitHub’s website referred to Twitter’s takedown request on its homepage and declined to comment on the decision to remove the code.

Musk said that some of Twitter’s code would be available to the public in the coming months following the leak.

Twitter will make its recommendation code public by the end of March to allow anyone to review and scrutinize it. As people identify and report problems with Twitter’s code, this process could help make the code more secure.

In addition, Mr. Musk has been concerned about leaks and thefts by former employees who are displeased after being laid off in mass numbers.

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