Amazon Banned Flipper Zero Pentesting Tool

According to reports, Amazon has stopped selling Flipper Zero, one of the most widely used pentesting tools. Amazon tagged the product as a “card-skimming device” and prohibited its selling on the e-commerce platform. 

Flipper Zero was one of the best pentesting, which can potentially conduct replay attacks on unlock cars, doorbell activation, garage door unlocking, cloning digital keys, and much more.

People searching Flipper Zero on Amazon are landed on the error page which says, “Sorry we couldn’t find the page. Try searching or go to Amazon Home page”.

While most of the product pages are having this error, the listed products on Amazon have the availability as “Unavailable.”

One of Flipper Zero’s sellers received a notification that stated, “This product has been identified as a card skimming device. Amazon policy prohibits the sale or listing of card skimming device. For more information, please see our Lock Picking & Theft devices Seller Help Page.”

A warning message has also been issued to all the Flipper Zero sellers that within 48 hours, they must check their listings and remove all the restricted products else their account will be deactivated.

Though this product is now banned from selling on Amazon, sellers have other places to sell it without any restrictions. If you want to buy Flipper Zero, you can visit the Flipper Official website, where the product is abundant. Flipper Zero has no service in India, instead of which users can use etsy to buy Flipper Zero.

The Brazilian Government has seized the purchases of Flipper Zero, as many threat actors are using it for alleged criminal activities. The sellers in Brazil claimed that despite all attempts to certify the device, the Brazilian National Telecommunication agency had rejected the device.

As per reports, it is still unclear whether this ban is a temporary or a permanent ban from the platform. Following this, there might be bans from other e-commerce platforms also.

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