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A Fired Philadelphia Policeman Francis Rawls, imprisoned on September 30, 2015 to till date. He is behind bars because he denied decrypting two HD (Hard Drives) which investigators found at his home, investigating child-pornography.


He is serving an indefinite jail term. Therefore, his lawyers want Supreme Court to free him from the pending decision of indefinite jail term, which has yet not decided for not decrypting the hardware is any kind of violation of Fifth Amendment.

There were no criminal/crime charges against him still contempt order was issued (Order Copy). Federal judge and the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals were not agreed with defendant argument. The Court concluded to a conclusion for the order issued, was because of the child pornography on HD; As HASH values of the files given by the forensics team, linked with the authorities known for child pornography.

According to law, the highest time to lock-up any person is 18 months for the contempt-of court violation. Therefore, Keith Donoghue mentioned to US District Judge Cynthia Rufe; 18 months is the highest amount, Rawls can be defined and it is already 5months extra. He also mentioned there was no temporary time mentioned for Rawls imprisonment.

However, it can be possible decrypting will expose him to other illegal stuff or he is just opposing authorities in order to protect PII.

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