SSL Handshake (443)

SSL Handshake (443 port of server at which SSL connection is made)
Client  (Browser)    ———————Client Hello Msg.————————————> Server
·         Highest SSL Version
·         Compression (SHA1, SHA1-DES)
·         Cipher (zip, gzip..)
·         Random Data
·         MAC of client
Client  (Browser)   < ———————Server Hello Msg.———————————- Server
·         Highest SSL Version
·         Cipher + Compression
·         Session ID
·         Random Data ( Key Generation )
Client  (Browser)   < ———————Certificate-——————————————- Server
·         Digital Signature
·         Public Key (Identify by Web Page)
·         Issued To, Issued By
·         Valid From , Valid To
Client  (Browser)   < ———————Server Hello Done Msg.————————— Server
Client  (Browser)    ————————–Certificate Verify Msg.————————> Server
 ·         Browser Verifies Server Certificate
Client  (Browser)    ——————-Change Cipher Spec (Command)——————-> Server
·         Now the Browser will send every Data Encrypted in this Session
Client  (Browser)    —————————–Finished—————————————> Server
·         Digest of all Messages (till now)
Client  (Browser)   <——————— Change Cipher Spec Msg.————————— Server                    
 ·         Data send will be Encrypted
Client  (Browser)  < —————————- Finish Msg.———————————— Server
·         Digest of all msg. (exchanged b/w )
·         Public Key
Client  (Browser)    —————————–Symmetric SSL Key————————–> Server
                                                            Encrypted using Public Key
SSL Handshake
·         Client key + Server Public Key ==> DATA===> Lock( Encrypted )
Now SSL Handshake Complete; Browser sends data (encrypted) over network to server
Client  (Browser)    —————————–Data Encrypted——————————-> Server
·         Server Decrypts by Private Key

·         If any msg. dropped; the SSL response breaks & Browser shows ERROR msg